Do I need to remove rubber bands, staples or paperclips?
No, those items do not need to be removed. 3 Ring Binders are not accepted.

Will you shred my boxes?
No, corrugated boxes are not shredded.

Do you make residential calls?
Yes, Shred-N-Go provides residential and business service.

Can I just drop my materials off at your location?
We only allow drop off service on the first Saturday of each month, 9-11AM, 2305 S. Bus Hwy 121, Lewisville, 75067, as a cost saver to our customers.

Do you shred magazines and newspapers?
No, those are recycle materials collected by your local trash/recycle service provider.

Can I watch my materials being shredded?
Yes, the entire shredding process is viewable by a camera system mounted on the truck.

How much do you charge?
Call for pricing as price varies according to location and volume.

Do you recycle?
Yes, all shredded materials are unloaded at recycle plants where they are bailed and sent to local paper mills.

What size and how secure are the containers for my business?
Depending on your office space and the volume of documents needing to be shred, Shred-N-Go will provide you with either a 65 gallon locking plastic bin (holds 190+ pounds) or a locking executive console (holds 100 pounds). Each container is made of the highest quality, to safely store your documents until shredding is scheduled.

How often should I have my documents destroyed?
To effectively eliminate the risk of identity theft, documents and records should be destroyed regularly. Document shredding with Shred-N-Go may be scheduled at regular weekly or monthly intervals or as requested, including one-time purges.

Is there any confirmation of shredding for my records?
A certificate of document destruction is issued upon completion and includes a description of the disposed materials. Names and signatures of individuals witnessing the destruction are included.