Protect Your Identity
Fraud prevention begins with shredding your documents on a regular basis. Businesses are vulnerable due to the large volume of confidential information handled on a daily basis.

The purging of documents and materials through paper shredding is eco friendly to the environment. All shredded materials are recycled and used in local paper mills.

Why do I need document shredding?
Document shredding is essential for everyone, as credit card and mail fraud is rampant. Private documents that are disposed of improperly, such as in a bag or bin, are subject to “dumpster divers” looking for a way to access personal information. Tax records, bills and credit card offers are just some of the items that criminals find to steal your identity.

What types of documents benefit from shredding?
Documents that contain confidential information such as social security and credit card numbers are high on the ‘need to be shredded’ list. Other such documents include financial reports, quotes, tax records, marketing data, bills, insurance information, check logs and more.

Why should I use a shredding service when I already have a personal shredder?
Personal shredders are great for occasional use, but when you have piles upon piles of documents to shred, they won’t go the extra mile. Most pint-sized shredders are incapable of accommodating large quantities of paper and require constant maintenance. Shred-N-Go’s large capacity shredders will destroy in an instant what would take all day with a personal shredder. Bottom line: What’s your time worth?